Garage Doors Ridgewood New Jersey

Garage door Ridgewood NJ

Garage Doors Ridgewood NJ

If you are located in Ridgewood New Jersey, you are local to us, so we will service your garage door today. To us it does not matter if one of the springs snapped, if the tracks are damaged, if your garage door went off tracks. Our job is to repair and install garage doors in Bergen County, and we like to think that we do it best in New Jersey.
M&M Garage Door Services can repair any broken garage door: It can be a residential garage door installation in River Edge, or garage door opener repair in Closter NJ, we will be there today. We carry parts such as springs and motors to fix most garage doors in Bergen County on the spot; And it give our technician the ability to fix broken garage doors on first visit.

Garage Spring Repair Ridgewood NJ

M&M Garage Door Services will repair (or replace) your broken spring today. But until we get to you and do that, you need to do something as well: You need to stop using the garage door, and make sure that all the people who use the door will know that the door is not working. Using broken garage door is dangerous, and to avoid injuries and damage, wait for the technician to come and fix it for you.

What size of spring do I need?

If you wonder what size of spring to purchase, the answer is one:  You need the right spring for the door. It may sound like we are joking, but we are not. You need the exact spring! A spring which is “almost the same”, “looks like” the old spring, and of course the most dangerous one “let’s try and see” spring, is dangerous. The overhead garage doors, in Ridgewood or anywhere else were designed to work with a particular spring system, which is calculated to make the work safely, and to stay in open or close position even without using the opener.
During years in the garage door field, we saw cases when the spring snapped, and an attempt to install a new spring, which is the same size as the spring that broke did not work. So avoid taking risks, and trying to save money by installing the wrong spring, and by that put yourself, your family, or anyone else who uses the garage door at risk. You are local to us, and with our same day spring repair in Ridgewood New Jersey, we are going to replace the broken spring with the right spring for your door.
We carry with us springs for almost all kinds of garage doors in Bergan County. We complete 95
% of the repairs at first visit, because we have been servicing overhead doors in Bergen County New Jersey so we know what kind of springs are needed to complete the repair at first visit.

Garage door Ridgewood NJ

Garage Opener Ridgewood New Jersey

There are many kinds of garage door openers. There are openers made by Liftmaster, Genie openers, Craftsman openers, and different garage openers types such as screw drive openers, chain drive openers and silent belt drive openers. And we can fix them all. With years of experience in the garage door repair field, we can repair and install openers from all kinds.
It is important to make it clear that a problem with the door that may seem like coming from the opener itself, but it may be due to a different reason that we have the ability to locate. And it definitely doesn’t mean that you need a new unit, just a professional and qualified technician that fix all kinds of garage door openers in Ridgewood New Jersey.

What is wrong with my garage door opener?

To answer this question without coming to your place, and physically inspecting the opener and the overhead door will be speculating and unprofessional. Not once we receive calls from customers in Ridgewood who need emergency repair service since their opener is broken, and they wonder how much it is going to cost to replace the opener. But when we arrive to their location, whether it is a residential overhead door or commercial garage door in Bergen County, we find that the problem is from a totally different place such as a snapped spring, or a safety sensors problem.

Garage Door Maintenance in Ridgewood NJ

The garage door maintenance and lubrication keep your door running, prevent the parts from getting rusted, and make sure that you will continue to use a garage door that works perfectly and safely. We understand that people do not wish to spend money on their garage door if it is working fine, but ignoring the need for maintenance will cost you more in the long run. Compare it to the car you own: it may be a new car, that working fine and that never gave you any problems, but you will never even consider to ignore the need for maintenance. The same way is with your door, with so many moving objects, and when it is being used sometimes even few times a day, you must perform a garage door maintenance to keep it running. 20 minutes of maintenance can make the difference between garage door that will run smoothly for years, and a door that will get stuck and require repairs.

Garage door opener Ridgewood New Jersey

New Garage Door Ridgewood New Jersey

Our services in Bergen County NJ include- beside repairs – new garage doors installation. We carry overhead garage doors from high quality and from leading brands, all of them have been tested to fit the American standard. But the design, the color and the material that you will choose will not matter as much as one important variable will: The quality of the door. We would like to elaborate about that, and explain why it is so important to invest in a high quality door and not in a cheap one, from leading brands such as Amarr doors and Wayne Dalton.
If you wish to purchase low quality door trying to save money, M&M Garage Door Services may not be your best choice. We only supply and install quality, since we put our name and our reputation on every garage door repair or installation.

Why you should invest in quality doors:

  • Long term investment: If you think about it, the difference between high overhead door, and the cheap ones is 10-30 percent of the price. But in terms of years, the high quality will probably last more than 300 percent comparing to the cheap door. The installation is the same, it just the door itself that makes the difference.
  • Better quality garage door. Not only that it will last longer, but you will notice the difference in every use. When we replace a cheap door with a high quality door, we always get the same respond from the customer: Why did I wait that long before replacing the old door!
  • Stronger garage door. When you purchase a high quality garage door you get a strong door in return that will not break or get stuck as often as the cheap doors usually do. You will be saving money that you would spend on getting the door fixed if you would invest in lower quality door.
  • Less maintenance. The high quality doors do not require too much maintenance beside the basic tune up and lubrication every 6 months. But that doesn’t mean that the door doesn’t need to be lubricated.

Repair or get a new door?

Sometime there is no question whether to repair or replace the door, especially when the damage is sever, and it is obvious that fixing the door is doesn’t worth it.  But sometime it is not clear, and we need to let the customer know the options and let you make the decision.  But there is one thing that we will never compromise for and that is the safety. Every overhead door, whether it is a garage door repairs in Bergen County, or a garage door service in Rockland County, which is broken and need repairs should not be used. If there is something wrong with your garage door, if it makes loud noise or if it is not working like it used to work contact a local garage door technician in Ridgewood to come and repair it for you.

Garage door installer Ridgewood NJ

Emergency garage door repair Ridgewood New Jersey

It does not matter if you live in Ridgewood New Jersey, or anywhere else in County, to find out that your garage door is stuck or broken is never a pleasant experience. Someone may backed into the door with the car, or maybe someone accidently pushed the safety sensors, the spring and the cable snapped or the door is off tracks, it does not matter what the reason is that the door is not moving, we offer same day garage door repair in Ridgewood New Jersey. Since you are local to us, we can be there sometimes within an hour to take care of the problem.
If you need service for commercial overhead in Ridgewood we can help you with that as well. We offer same day service for commercial overhead doors in Ridgewood NJ, and we got team of technician who specialize in all kinds of garage doors. Whether it is a Liftmaster opener, Amarr overhead door, or Genie operator, M&M Garage Door Service can fix it for you. All you need to do is to call 201-885-99167, for a same day service in Ridgewood NJ.

Emergency Garage door services in Ridgewood

We know that you want your broken or stuck garage door to be repaired and to be working again ASAP. To assist you with that, and to prevent you from trying to repair the garage door by yourself - which is something that can put you in risk - we offer same day repair service in Ridgewood New Jersey. With service tracks loaded with parts such as torsion springs, extension springs, hinges, tracks, cables, rollers, and motors, we will fix your garage door today. Just contact us for a same day repair service.
No need to worry you might have to wait days for service, we have same day service in Bergen County! It can be broken commercial garage door, a broken store-front gate, or a residential off tracks garage door, M&M Garage Door Services can fix it.


For new overhead garage door in Bergen County New Jersey, Call: 201-885-9916

Garage doors River Edge New Jersey

  • Torsion spring replacement.
  • Extension spring replacement.
  • Opener repair Ridgewood.
  • Opener installation.
  • Out of track repair Ridgewood NJ.
  • New garage door Ridgewood.
  • Cable replacement.
  • Hinge replacement.
  • Rolling gate repairs.
  • Safety sensors repair Ridgewood.
  • Residential garage door repair.
  • Commercial overhead repairs.
  • Garage door maintenance Bergen County.

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